New Oracle documents available on the web

New Oracle documents available on the web

Post by Sue Skonets » Fri, 04 Jul 2003 23:41:03

Dear Newsgroup,
I can not include the file so you will have to look on the web.  As
always you are getting this real time, so it may take a little bit for
it to make it on the web and around the company.

Warm Regards,

Can you please use the attache .doc file to update our Oracle web page
( It should go
under "business partner relationship", replacing the "Oracle OpenVMS
statement of direction (October 2002)" document.

Also, under "ORACLE database solutions on OpenVMS" you can place a
pointer to this URL
with title "Nine Years Later: Thousands of Satisfied Oracle Rdb

Sue, You may want to distribute the above to your distribution lists,
internal and external ones. The first documents Oracle Server's
continued support of OpenVMS/Alpha platform and porting to Itanium.The
second is a great document about Oracle's continued support of the Rdb