SDLT embarassing hardware support call

SDLT embarassing hardware support call

Post by Bill Farme » Tue, 18 Dec 2001 04:57:26

Just to save others, the SDLT drives apparently have a high temp sensor and
spits the tape back out if drive is over temp.

We received a 3U rack mount enclosure from Compaq with two SDLT drives.
Being good software guys, we immediately removed the covers to see if there
was any OpenVMS software inside.

While running test backups on our 8400 VMS test box, both drives proceed to

Call 1-800-OK-COMPAQ.  Got the usual response ... Oh, that's what one looks
like.  We will send out a hardware guy with replacement drives (after
deciding that the only thing common between the drives is the power supply).

Field Service guy shows up two days later with two new drives and new power
supply (that's the only three things in the enclosure) and we report that we
had fixed it.

What we did is put the cover back on so the field service guy would not know
the software geeks had been inside the case.  Drives work fine when the case
fan can draw air through the SDLT drive and cool it down.

OBTW, the OK-COMPAQ guy said if we were to use the DECtape III cleaning
cartridge, we would destroy the drive in a matter of seconds.  Seems that
there a special cleaning tape needed (No Compaq Part Number yet ... but is
available as a Quantum part MR-SACCL-01 from your local DEC (oops ...
Compaq) reseller.  I don't know from personal experience whether drive can
be "destroyed in a matter of seconds", however, I did tell you to look.

Happy holidays to everyone!



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.OpenVMS support for Additional Hardware on hp's new AlphaServer
In May  2003, OpenVMS announces support for the following additional
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Systems, the ES47, ES80, and GS1280 series systems:

*       Hard partitions, which enable you to run multiple instances of
the operating system concurrently in physically separate parts of the
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to running one or more applications, and another partition to running
one or more different  applications, and so on, with maximum hardware
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*       2D and 3D graphics support by means of the ATI Radeon 7500
graphics card and a graphics software kit (VMS731_GRAPHICS-V0100).
Support for the adapter on additional AlphaServers will be announced
*       X.25 and WANDD support by means of the PBXDD card and an
update to the X.25 and WANDD software (X25_V16ECO1 kit).

Also included are patch kits that resolve the issues with CPUSPINWAIT
and with logging an incorrect severity level for environmental events.
The CPUSPINWAIT problem has been fixed with the VMS731_Graphics-V0100
patch kit, and the Environmental Events Logged with Incorrect Severity
Level problem has been resolved with the VMS731_CPU270F-V0100 patch
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