NYC Talk: Windows NT DCL-like scripting language

NYC Talk: Windows NT DCL-like scripting language

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Joseph Affrunti, of Advanced Systems Concepts, on
"XLNT - DCL for Windows NT"

Mr. Affrunti is a Senior Software Engineer; his company,
Advanced Systems Concepts, has developed XLNT, the
"eXtended Language for Windows NT/95" , a powerful and easy to use,
scripting language and command shell, to facilitate command line and
Batch  interfaces.  XLNT is based on Digital's DCL with its use of
syntax,  commands and lexicals.  A free evaluation copy of XLNT will
be available after the presentation.

XLNT's rich language facilities allow more complex tasks to be
performed,  on a scheduled or non-scheduled basis, than could
otherwise be provided using standard  DOS/NT commands.  For maximum
flexibility, XLNT commands can be invoked from DOS BAT files or DOS
commands can be invoked from XLNT command procedures.

XLNT as a command shell provides a complete environment for users
and programmers to develop or issue XLNT procedures or commands.  Users
and programmers who understand DCL will love the instant familiarity of
XLNT  commands and syntax.  XLNT is not just "DCL on Windows NT".  XLNT
contains many  facilities and extensions for Windows NT/95, such as
Registry Maintenance, System  Administration and Remote Terminal Login.  

Advanced Systems Concepts was founded in 1981 as a software engineering
and consulting company specializing in the development of systems
software  solutions for various operating environments, which include
OpenVMS systems,  UNIX and Windows NT.

For more information, please call
Advanced Systems Concepts at 201-798-6400


AT: Bailey's Greenhouse Grille, 729 3rd Ave, NYC, 2nd floor room.
Tuesday, January 28th. Pre-dinner discussion starts at 5:30pm,
Dinner at 6:30, Featured Presentation at 7:30;

Cost for full dinner (drink, salad, choice of entree, coffee and
desert) with presentation is $25. Please reserve at (718)

To ensure seating, dinner reservations are recommended for this

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1. ANNOUNCE: XLNT DCL Scripting for NT

Advanced Systems Concepts, Inc. (ASCI) is proud to announce the
beta test release of XLNT(r) for Windows NT and Windows 95
(T01-000).  XLNT (eXtended Language for Windows NT) is a powerful
scripting language and shell based on Digitals Command Language
(DCL) found on OpenVMS systems.  XLNT has many features and
enhancements not found in Digitals DCL, and its implementation
is native Windows NT/95.

To obtain a copy of XLNT for Windows NT V3.5 and above, you may
download an Intel and/or Digital Alpha copy of XLNT by anonymous
FTP into and get the files from there
(please use your e-mail address as the password). XLNT386.ZIP
(Intel) and/or XLNTAXP.ZIP (Alpha) should be downloaded into a
separate empty directory, unZIPd, and run SETUP.

Sales questions concerning the product should be addressed to

Subject line of the mail message.

Updates to the product should be available on a monthly basis.

XLNT is a registered trademark of Advanced Systems Concepts, Inc.

Ben Rosenberg
Advanced Systems Concepts, Inc.
33-41 Newark Street

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