"""The Art of Debugging"" Was: Compiler Optimisation problems"

"""The Art of Debugging"" Was: Compiler Optimisation problems"

Post by Mighty Firebreathe » Sat, 16 Apr 1994 01:36:24

        In response to a number of requests, I have placed three versions
of "The Art of Debugging" in my [ANONYMOUS] directory.  There is a .DVI file,
a .LN3 file for those who still have an LN03 or compatible, and a .PS file
for those who have PostScript.  I will add a .HPJ version for those with
H-P LaserJet printers.  I hope that will take care of most of those who
want a copy.  The .DVI, .LN3, and .HPJ files must be transferred as BINARY
files.  The .PS file is ASCII text although you will find it tough to read
without a PostScript printer.

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1. """Problems!"""

Have a question regarding command procedures.

I have a command procedure, say X, that runs periodically for a
specific task, and if an error occure during operation, it will
run Y to notify a user. Y is another procedure that uses one of two
arguments as the mail adress where to send an error message.
  The line in X that runs Y evaluates to this (is what shows up in the

But, when the error is mailed from inside Y, mail is invoked

interpret as intended. Now to the question.

Q: How do I, without changing anything in Y, make Y enclose that last
parameter to mail in quotation marks ("s) ?!


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