Announcing DNEWS 3.0 available for UCX, Multinet & TCPWARE

Announcing DNEWS 3.0 available for UCX, Multinet & TCPWARE

Post by Chris Pugmi » Mon, 02 Dec 1996 04:00:00

Version 3.0b of the DNEWS high performance usenet news server is
now availabe for VMS, please check our website or download the trial version.

installing or using dnews.

Note: DNEWS is free to schools and universities.

             ChrisP,  NetWin Support.


1. MultiNet and TCPware Hobbyist Licenses now available

Process Software is pleased to announce its participation in the
OpenVMS Hobbyist Program sponsored by DECUS and Compaq.  The program
will grant participants in the OpenVMS Hobbyist program a free
Hobbyist license for MultiNet or TCPware.  NOTE: You must have a valid
OpenVMS Hobbyist VMS license PAK to participate in the Process
Software Hobbyist Program.

To register for your MultiNet or TCPware license, use your favorite
browser to visit this web page:

Hunter Goatley, Process Software,

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