Tadpole Alpha-Book 1

Tadpole Alpha-Book 1

Post by Fred Kleinsorg » Sat, 28 Jun 2003 00:10:01


Not many around (never were).  Since the HW was developed externally, it
will reach a stage where little things like firmware get too out of date.  I
have one in my office, that I occasionally power up (it has V7.3-1 on it) -
I use it when I go to a number of customer sites to bring along my
development environment.

> > > What is the latest SUPPORTED version of VMS on it?

> >    According to the SPD:

> > OpenVMS Alpha Version 7.3-1 is the final version to
> > support the following systems:
> >    DEC 2000 Models 300/500
> >    Tadpole AlphaBook 1

> It seems about the "right" time to drop support for the 2000 300/500.
> The Tadpole was never a big seller, and not even a |d|i|g|i|t|a|l|
> product.  I'm surprised that 7.3-1 is still supported on it.  Why hasn't
> Tadpole support been dropped earlier?

> Is there something about 7.3-2 which would make Tadpole support
> difficult, or was it just decided that it wasn't worth bothering with
> anymore?

> Just guessing here: certifying systems for a particular VMS version is an
> expensive task. So support is dropped for systems that are no longer
> commercially useful. So 7.3-2 might work on a Tadpole, but in case of
> problems you're on yor own. Similar to running VMS on a white-box Alpha,
> right?
> Unless the Tadpole requires very specific items, like a bootstrap or
> graphics device driver, that are withdrawn it might still work.


Tadpole Alpha-Book 1

Post by Fred Kleinsorg » Sat, 28 Jun 2003 00:14:04

> > Does anyone here actually own a Tadpole Alpha-Book 1?

> > What is the latest version of VMS that anyone has actually run on it?

> V7.2

V7.3-1 here


> > Now, the most important question: Is it possible to plug in an LK401 and
> > have everything work as normal?

LK411 - Yes (the LK401 is a old serial KB).  It will auto-sense the
connection of an LK411.  The crippled/*keyboard on the laptop was the
hardest thing to get right.


> Does anyone know where I can get a spare battery for it?

Mine bit the dust a long time ago and always needs to be plugged in.


Tadpole Alpha-Book 1

Post by Gale » Sat, 28 Jun 2003 00:44:55


> Does it run the 21066/LCA4 chip?

Al Meier of HP tells me that this is correct. BTW, he has an Alphabook
running 7.3-1.


> What ALPHA (or VAX) does it roughly compare to in speed?

Al says it's approximately a Jensen (DECpc 150 axp, AKA DEC 2000/300).

Al says you can write him for further info:

According to Al, Fred Kleinsorge also has an Alphabook.

Hope this helps!



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