Announcing WRUG LUG meeting; July 8, 2003

Announcing WRUG LUG meeting; July 8, 2003

Post by Joe H. Gallaghe » Mon, 23 Jun 2003 00:57:52

                  Announcing July 8th Meeting
                  Western Reserve Users Group
                 Local User Group of Encompass

            (New regular time and new regular place)
             (Please RSVP so we can get a count of
              needed chairs and slices of pizza.)

Special Topic: Ask HP

  While attendees are gathering for the meeting, Rich Pearlman
  will lead a short discussion about some of the recent
  organizational changes at HP.  He will also facilitate a short
  Q and A on any topics the attendees wish to discuss.

Topic:  Replacing VAXen with VAX Emulation

  This presentation discusses replacing a VAX system with a VAX
  emulator, and includes the steps from initial decision-making
  through final migration.  Items included are:

  - How emulation works
  - What emulators are available?
  - Open source or commercial?
  - Evaluating the current system
  - Cost vs. benefit evaluation
  - Setting up network access
  - Access to Q-bus peripherals?
  - Choosing the emulation platform
  - Sizing the emulation platform
  - Setting up network access
  - Migration choices: serial, tape, network, cluster, etc.
  - Migration of data
  - Migration of system disk
  - Licensing of system
  - Verification of migrated system

Speaker: Stanley F. Quayle, Quayle Consulting Inc.

  Stanley Quayle is an HP Certified OpenVMS System Engineer with
  23 years of OpenVMS experience.  He has over two years of
  experience in migrating VAX systems to VAX emulation.  He also
  conducts two-day courses which teach customers how to perform
  their own migration. More details at

Topic:  Taming the OpenView Umbrella

  Most people think of OpenView as a network management or
  console management tool.  OpenView is a portfolio of products
  to help customer manage their entire enterprise.  This
  presentation gets under the hood and discusses what the core
  products are and their benefits to IT from a technical point of

Speaker: Joseph Hasenohr, HP Cleveland

  Joe is an OpenView Solution Architect based in Cleveland,
  Ohio.  He has spent the past seven years helping HP customers to
  manage their IT enterprise with HP OpenView.  Prior to
  OpenView, Joe spent over 15 years at HP assisting customers
  with HP open-systems products, both hardware and software.
   Tuesday, July 8, 2003
   4:00 to 7:00 PM?
   in the building with the HP office
   Park Center Plaza III
   Lower Level conference room
   6050 Oak Tree Blvd.
   Independence, OH 44131
   (Call Rich's cell phone at 412-999-6427 if you get lost)

   From the area of the interchange of I-480 and I-77, go south and
   take the Rockside Road exit.?

   At the bottom of the ramp, turn right (west) on Rockside.?

   Go west two blocks (second light); turn left (south) on Oak Tree Blvd. ?

See the LUG's web page at

The next LUG meeting is scheduled for September 9th.

See you at the meeting.

Joe H. Gallagher
dtrwiz at ix dot netcom dot com                ?