DEC sues Intel! No more Pentiums for them!

DEC sues Intel! No more Pentiums for them!

Post by Terry C. Shanno » Sun, 01 Jun 1997 04:00:00

> > > As far as a high price argument is concerned, have you ever looked at
> > > the price of a new Intel chip and the computer that contains it in the
> > > initial months it is on the market???

> The price of the chip itself is A small proportion of a Digtal system,
> especially when you incude software costs, maintenance costs and/or
> upgrade costs.

> > Intel allows ANYONE to make motherboards with their chip on it, DEC does
> > not !!!

> There are a few who do. Tadpole makes and alpha laptop for instance.

Yep. Worldwide installed base is about 50 systems.


Quote:> Digital has been unable to make its platforms attractive enough to
> attract
> other builders simply because the software (UNIX/VMS) is too expensive.

Of course, there's always WNT.


> Are there clone makers that make HP compatible boards that run HP-UX ?

> I do not beleive that Digital has prevented anyone from using the ALPHA
> chip. They just haven't attracted anyone to build mass-produced
> machines. And the mass commodity market isn,t interested in NT-ALHA
> because they prefer to go NT-INTEL since it is "more compatible".

Hmmm... might this change with the advent of 21164PC-based Alpha
desktops? Note that DEC Japan "preannounced" a 433 MHz WNT desktop
(shipments start in August, I believe) priced at Y300,000; about $2,800

Quote:> Digtal has had a policy (in the past at least) to price its alphas
> higher than the 8086s. In order to counter the "not compatible with
> 8086" image, Digital should have priced its alphas lower than 8086s to
> attract customers.

I doubt that we'll see Digital price Alpha chips lower than entry Intel
chips, but prices on Alpha parts are down significantly (66 percent
price reduction between June and December 1966, for example).

And who knows, the fallout from the lawsuit may include still lower chip

We shall see.

Terry Shannon
Publisher, Shannon Knows DEC

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1. Intel 64 bit Pentium seems to be on its way

The German magazine CT has a editorial called "CPU whispers" (translated of course)

In the editorial of 19 May the editors give us some very good evidence that a 64
bit Pentium class Intel CPU is on its way.

The succesor of the Pentium 4 has the code name Prescott, and a certain mr. Hans
de Vries took a very good look at the Die plot pictures that were published of
this CPU.

He concludes that the cpu has two 32 bit integer kernels that can be combined to
one 64 bit kernel. Futhermore he concludes that the CPU has a 40 bit memory
address bus, just like the 64 bit AMD Athlon / Opteron. However internally the
CPU is 32 still bit wide, and certain 64 bit registers are missing.

Their conclusion: we can expect a 64 bit Pentium class Intel CPU is the second
half on 2004.

At the same time I saw a HP powerpoint presentation which states that Alpha
servers will be will be sold untill >>> at least <<< 2006, and that support for
Alpha systems will continue untill >>> at least <<< 2011.

No statements were made about when the PA-Risc systems will no longer be sold,
or no longer be supported. However the arrow on time line of the sheet ended at
the same point as the arrow of the Alpha's.

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