TFTP & UCX 4.1 & 3COM (help)

TFTP & UCX 4.1 & 3COM (help)

Post by Bob Marca » Fri, 06 Dec 1996 04:00:00

When i'm trying to copy file to or from 3COM router to my machine (AXP)
the TFTP server timed out.

boot.29k, file size 2675685 bytes

[37]NBII # copy boot.29k
Copying A:/boot.29k to
TFTP: TFTP server no longer available.
[38]NBII #

ppp, file size 890 bytes

[40]NBII # copy ppp
Copying A:/ppp to
TFTP: TFTP server no longer available.
[41]NBII #

ospf, file size 337 bytes

[41]NBII # copy ospf
Copying A:/ospf to
 337 bytes transmitted. File transfer complete.
[42]NBII #

Did anyone have an idea what could be wrong or maybe even solution.

TIA, Bob
Bob Marcan
Unicom d.o.o., Letaliska 33, 1000 Ljubljana, Slovenija

Tel:   (+386) 61 14 04 111
Fax:   (+386) 61 14 04 092


TFTP & UCX 4.1 & 3COM (help)

Post by Tim Grad » Sat, 07 Dec 1996 04:00:00

Quote:> When i'm trying to copy file to or from 3COM router to my machine (AXP)
> the TFTP server timed out.

This is a recently reported, known problem.  It's currently under
investigation, and although
there is not currently a patch available, there should be one shortly.

Sorry for the inconvenience.



1. Digital Firewall AXP ECO1 & UCX 4.1 ECO8


I've upgraded our firewall (AXP_UCXECO_41_8 and DFWSECO_10_1).
The SMTPDX crashes after the upgrade.

I've tried with the original one, which worked before. It crashes
also now.

At last I've started the SMTP of the normal UCX. It works.

I part of the patch's release note:

              SMTPXD's ability to send multiple electronic mail messages

              without requesting a new "HELO" each time has been
              reenabled. Previously, the SMTPXD implementation allowed
              only one incoming mail-rcpt-data session per connection.
              A fix has been established such that a new "HELO" is
              no longer required for each incoming mail message. The
              original SMTPXD rejected the connection if the host name
              was not fully qualified. A new parameter, allow-fake,
              has been added so that sites can configure either looser
              checking of host names (necessary if SMTPXD is not to
              reject valid mail) or stricter checking (which risks
              rejection of valid mail but offers tighter security).

What and is this new allow-fake parameter, and whom does it belong?
Where and how can it be set?
With as few information one could think it's a undocumented SYSGEN
parameter (?!?!)


Kalman Varga     Hungarian Foreign Trade Bank Ltd.


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