Getting GCC via mail - ANSWER

Getting GCC via mail - ANSWER

Post by dfi.. » Sun, 13 Jun 1993 22:39:02

About a month or so ago I posted to this news group asking how go get
GCC for a VAX, but without having FTP access. Below is a summary of
how I got it installed, so perhaps this task will be easier for
others in the future (my process may also be somewhat more involved than
it has to, only because my VAX also does not talk to the Internet or
UUCPnet and I had to hop through three (3) systems, but it should give you
an idea of the steps necessary in a 'worst case').

My setup was :

        uVAX 2000, on the Ethernet running DECnet
        DOS PC, on the Ethernet running DECnet
        *nix PC, dial-up to UUCPnet, and UUCP to DOS PC

First, I received several personal replies (thanks to all !), however many
of the replies were pointing me to an FTP site which had the source. Since
the problem was that I did not have ANY C compiler, it was a bit of a
boot-strap problem.

Arne Vajhx pointed me to, which actually has
VMSINSTALlable savesets. To retrive these files via UUCP, I had to use

as follows :


        chdir /pub/VMS-gcc
        get <file>

where the distribution was actually composed of the following <file>s :

        gcc023.a_z gcc023.b_z gcc023.c_z gcc023.d_z gcc023.e_z gcc023.f_z

In addition, you also need to get LZDCMP.EXE, since these are LZH-compressed

FTPMAIL will send you back MANY uuencode'd files; the worst one was *.d_z,
which came in thirty-six (36) parts ! These were send to my *nix system.
I stripped off the mail headers from each message, and cat'd the files from
each saveset together, and uudecode'd them.

I then UUCP'd these files (6 GCC* and LZDCMP, all uudecode'd) to my DOS
PC, and then copied them from the DOS PC to my VAX via NFT, using /BLOCK
and /IMAGE (Pathworks 4.1).

On the VAX, I then ran the GCC* files through LZDCMP :

        $ lzdcmp gcc023.n_z gcc023.n    - for each file, n = a-f

LZDCMP was smart enough to know how to make these files as VMS savesets
(fixed length records, in this case /BLOCK=8192) which I was able to

Some notes :

FTPMAIL was not able to get more than 2 files at a time; anytime I sent a
request with more than 2 GET's I would always be returned an error about
'Lost connection ...'. Don't know whether this is a because I over-ran
some limit on the number of files/bytes that could be transferred in a
single request, or whether it was just a lack of reliability of the FTP

It typically seemed to take about two (2) days to get a response from
FTPMAIL. This was to NY.

The GCC files are compressed with a VMS-specific utility, and you MUST get
LZDCMP.EXE to de-compress these files. The standard *nix uncompress, as
well as the GNU uncompress, will NOT work. In addition, LZDCMP.EXE knows
about RMS file attributes.




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