FORTRAN-based accounting system

FORTRAN-based accounting system

Post by Barry Treahy, Jr » Wed, 04 Dec 2002 02:38:48

>>May or may not be/have been on VMS, but are any of you familiar with
>>an accounting system written in FORTRAN?

>The ManMan software package written by ASK Computer Systems
>probably had some accounting modules.  It was written in
>Fortran and used DBMS.  The last I heard about ManMans was
>that it was owned and support by MK Group which is was
>subsidiary of Computer Associates.

Nope, now SSA and yes, they do have an AP, AR (which includes their
order management module which is why it is called OMAR), and GL.  Randy
is correct, the software is written in Fortran and it does require DBMS,
which Oracle has owned for some time now...



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