NT NFS Server (Hummingbird), VMS Client problems

NT NFS Server (Hummingbird), VMS Client problems

Post by Ian Leona » Wed, 11 Jun 1997 04:00:00

I have been having some problems with an NFS Server in Windows NT
talking to a VMS client.  I can't set it up for restricted write access.
Maybe someone can help out.

Server: Windows NT V4 Service Pack 2 (Intel)
        Hummingbird Maestro NFS Server V.5.1.3

Client: OpenVMS V6.1 (AXP)
        DEC TCP/IP Services for OpenVMS AXP Version V3.3 - ECO Level 9

The export on the NT machine is:

d:\Data\w_ECSRep        -root=host.domain.com.au

(I have tried various combinations -rw=host.domain.com.au etc)

I have added a Username/UID mapping on the NT Server so that the local
Administrator account is mapped to UID 1000

The file protection on the NT Server is (from Maestro utility showprot)

Full lookup of file d:\data\w_ecsrep (#links = 1)
Owner - BUILTIN\Administrators (an alias)
Group - DOMAIN\WgECSRep_RWXD (a group)  (The Domain name isn't DOMAIN btw)

The VMS proxy account looks like:
Username         Type        UID            GID  Host
VMSUSER          ON          1000          10   *

I then mount the file system, and get the following:

dir/sec dnfs1:[000000]

Directory DNFS1:[000000]

GG.;1                [DECNET]              (RWED,RWED,D,D)
HH.;1                [DECNET]              (RWED,RWED,D,D)

Why DECNET owner ?  I would have thought VMSUSER should own it.
Trying to write to it returns:

%DIRECT-F-OPENOUT, error opening DNFS1:[000000]TEMP.TXT; as output
-RMS-E-PRV, insufficient privilege or file protection violation

I am pretty stumped by this now so any help would be appreciated.
Please email if possible, I will attempt to keep up with the newsgroup.
Ian Leonard


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I'm trying to access a VMS Disk on my NT machine thru NFS, but i'm unable to
succeed in it.

NFS Server : VMS machine running OS ver 7.2
Client    : WinNT M/c running Hummingbird NFS Maestro Solo
            : Sun Solaris 2.6

I did the following on the VMS box

ADD MAP "<unix_Style_dir_name>" <VMS_disk_or_directory>
ADD export "<unix_Style_dir_name>" /host=*
ADD proxy <vms_username> /uid=<vms_uid> /gid=<vms_gid> /host=*

The exported dir/disk is visible in the Windows explorer of PC (NT m/c). When
i try to access it, i get an authentication error. The same applies with the
Solaris client too, when i try to nfs_mount it

I'll appreciate any inputs/suggestions/documents regarding this. (pointer to
step by step action for an NFS server setup on VMS will be great)

Get back to me if further info's reqd.


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