GS1280 upgrade for Bank~Austria Creditanstalt's OpenVMS disaster-tolerant cluster

GS1280 upgrade for Bank~Austria Creditanstalt's OpenVMS disaster-tolerant cluster

Post by Keith Parr » Thu, 26 Jun 2003 08:24:55

Trading in the global treasury market 24 hours a day, Bank~Austria
Creditanstalt depends on an OpenVMS disaster-tolerant cluster.  A new
success story discusses how the next-generation EV7-based Alphaservers
cut daily financial end-of-day roll-up processing time in half and why
the enhanced features of the OpenVMS V7.3-1 operating system make it
the ideal platform to support business-critical operations.  Customer
executives explain how AlphaServer technology enables the bank to
expand its business into new markets.


1. Disaster-Tolerant clusters


While one has to be careful in view of the sensitivities involved,
OpenVMS does have a 9/11 related DR/DT testimonial now on the web site -
in HP format as well.



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