Scribe Systems Inc.

Scribe Systems Inc.

Post by Angie Wo » Sun, 17 Nov 1991 04:53:00

Does anybody know what has become of Scribe Systems Inc?  We are running an
ancient copy of Scribe and the key has just expired.  I've tried calling the
company, but all the numbers which I have are currently out of service.  Any
information would be appreciated.

Angie Wolf


1. MDB Systems Inc

Hi people,
Please excuse the cross-post, not sure where I'll find the most
knowledgeable on this subject.

I'm looking for support material - schematics, manuals, diagnostics - for
MDB Systems Inc MLSI-DR11-W, and MDB/MLSI-WLL.

The first is a Qbus equivalent of DEC Unibus DR11-W (16 bit parallel DMA
The second is a long line driver that attaches to the DR11-W.

I have a customer still using these in a production environment, so willing
to pay reasonable costs.

Any help will be greatly appreciated.

Thanks and regards

Dave McDonald

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