ISV enthusiasm grows for OpenVMS on HP Integrity servers

ISV enthusiasm grows for OpenVMS on HP Integrity servers

Post by Keith Parr » Wed, 02 Jul 2003 05:49:59

"We look forward to the price/performance improvement and continued
scalability, reliability, security, and predictability offered by
OpenVMS on Itanium architecture," says Graham Beare, senior platform
architect at Schlumberger.  With over 180 systems worldwide and over
150 technical specialists, Schlumberger is one of the world's leading
providers of telecommunications infrastructure solutions, including
messaging, intelligent applications, fraud solutions, SS7 over IP, and
development platforms.  "We are very e*d about moving to Itanium
with our OpenVMS product suite," concurs Tim Sleath, product manager.
"This change will offer more cost saving and improved performance to
our customers."



1. OVMS v6.1 NonPagedPool Grows and Grows and Grows

Hi,  Our system has been up for about 11 days.   The NPAGEDYN has started
growing again.  It started a 25000 pages and is now 25064.   The work load
is constant 1 day to the next.
The system is a VAX 3100/90 with 128Mbytes of memory, running about 60 users.
As the pool fragments (see "Size of Largest Block" and Free Blocks LEQU
64 bytes) the pool eventually needs to grow.
After the first day after a re-boot there is about 1,300,000 bytes as the
"Size of Largest Block".   The number of free blocks also seems to grow,
again pointing to fragmentation.

              System Memory Resources on 24-NOV-1994 13:47:50.27
  Nonpaged Dynamic Memory      (Lists + Variable)
    Current Size (bytes)      12832768    Current Total Size (pages)   25064
    Initial Size (NPAGEDYN)   12800000    Initial Size (pages)         25000
    Maximum Size (NPAGEVIR)   47343616    Maximum Size (pages)         92468
    Free Space (bytes)         1630400    Space in Use (bytes)      11202368
    Size of Largest Block        46464    Size of Smallest Block          64
    Number of Free Blocks        11543    Free Blocks LEQU 64 Bytes      712

Question 1:  Does Digital have a garbage collection/cleanup/defrag in the new
V6.1 pool management?  (I think NOT)

Question 2:  Does this fragmentation cost me system performance? (I guess YES)
             (How do we measure it?)

Question 3:  Who else out there has this problem as well?
             (Shall we gang up on Digital and beat them up? :-)

Regards, Kym

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