Metamail for VMS available (MIME mail decoder)

Metamail for VMS available (MIME mail decoder)

Post by Andrew Davi » Wed, 26 Oct 1994 03:38:00

I have ported some of the Metamail 2.7 code to VMS.

Metamail is a package that enables the sending, receiving and decoding of MIME encoded mail
 (MultiMedia Mail Extensions). What this means is that you can mail someone a GIF or
binary file and the coding and decoding is handled in a transparent manner, without having to
use uuencode manually.

Of immediate interest is the capability of Metamail to decode a MIME message that someone
has mailed to you assuming you are MIME-compliant.

Metamail is a suite of tools. What I have ported is metamail, mmencode, mailto and splitmail.
mmencode is an encoding tool similar to uuencode but purportedly more robust across mail.
metamail enables the decoding of received MIME mail. It is generally intended to be
called from within mail, but may be run on any file EXTRACTed using the VMS MAIL tool.
Mailto and splitmail are intended to send MIME mail.

mmencode may be used standalone and should present no problems. Porting was a matter of
changing Unix return codes to VMS.
metamail was more trouble to convert and should be considered an alpha release.
mailto is dysfunctional compared to the Unix version. It is intended to work with pipes
to call splitmaail and mail. I have implemented a crude system() call to VMS MAIL, but
it should be rewritten using callable MAIL to avoid problems with the mail header.
splitmail is not fully tested.


I can make BCK, TLB, TLB-GZ, etc. available on request.

The VMS patches will be incorporated into a later official release of Metamail.


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