VMS log. name search list length (CLI war)

VMS log. name search list length (CLI war)

Post by Gotfryd Smoli » Fri, 12 Jul 1996 04:00:00

> Now watch what I've done to keep myself comfortable with DCL syntax:

> alias dir/dat/siz/own/prot ls -l

> And now, when I'm typing in my Unix shell:
> dir/dat/siz/own/prot
> it shows me the contents of the directory. Really much more convenient
> than cryptic 'ls -l', isn't it?  ;-)

 Havent you enought memory to create all permutation for command like:
"direc/siz/sec/dat" ? -:)
           ^^^missed in original mail -:)

Quote:> Heck, I could even change cryptic 'rm' to the much more meaningful 'delete',

... tha way use "del" also...

Quote:> or confusing 'man' to 'help'...
> (naw, in reality I prefer 2-letter-words instead of 4-letter-words)

 I also. For the command that I use more than 10 time per day. *ONLY* !
 The LD (dir/sec/siz, yes - GEORGE3), CD (and rest of DOS), PAGE
(when command not /PAGEable) etc. still in use.
 But if I must find the right construct for (b.ex.)
 on UN*X (yes, grep *is* powerful) one time per week then I am unhappy...

 Regards - Gotfryd