Need help w/ RARP using TCPware & UCX

Need help w/ RARP using TCPware & UCX

Post by Finarf » Fri, 09 Aug 1996 04:00:00

Can anyone give me some help on how to get RARP working with TCPware?  The
manuals offer precious little help, and so far even Process Software's
support line hasn't been able to help us get it going.  We have TCPware
V5.1-4 on Alpha VMS V6.2-1H3.

We've made sure that RARP is enabled on the LAN interface, and have added
permanent entries to the ARP table for the two network nodes (they're
called SSP-160's)  that need RARP.  Using Ethermon on another node, we can
see the RARP request from both of the SSP-160's, but TCPware never sends
any response.  I've had a call in to their tech support for several days,
and so far they seem kinda clueless.

I could also get by for now if I could get RARP to work on another system
running UCX, but although the manuals say that UCX supports the RARP RFC,
they say nothing about how to make it work!

Any help will be much appreciated!

Galen Tackett


Need help w/ RARP using TCPware & UCX

Post by Finarf » Tue, 13 Aug 1996 04:00:00

Well, here I go answering my own post.  The problem was not with TCPware
at all, except for somewhat obscure documentation of how to set up RARP.

Instead, the problem was that the hardware address of the device that uses
RARP, was incorrectly given in the manufacturer's manuals.  Once they told
us about this and we set up the correct address in the ARP table, TCPware
handled the RARP requests just fine!

Galen Tackett


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I have a SCADA system that is written by QEI.  It runs on a DEC 3000
workstation.  I need to print to a dot matrix printer across a router.  The
router will be set up to only route IP.   UCX was installed to try to make
this possible and we are using XCD's print server.

The problem is that the SCADA software will ONLY print to a device and the
device cannot be spooled.  The SCADA software uses LAT devices for printing.
I tried to spool the LAT device and send the print to a queue that would
print using IP.  Spooling did not work.  I have been able to get it to print
for a very short time using the TELNET /CREATE_SESSION command to create a
TNA device.  This seems to be very unstable and will only work for a hour or
so at best.  QEI informed us that DCPS will redirect the LAT device to a
queue that can then print using IP.  The problem is that DCPS only outputs
PostScript.  The printer is a dot matrix and we would like to keep it that
way since it is logging alarms.

What I think I need is something that will capture the LTA port, causing the
SCADA software to see it as a LTA port and redirect the print to a queue or
to the print server.  If the only way this can be done is with DCPS - how is
the best way to do it.

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