Unknown exception in CFFtp error

Unknown exception in CFFtp error

Post by Jeremy Ta » Sat, 26 Jun 2004 09:53:15

I am trying to build a CFML ftp interface where user login and browse their
 Before a user login to the FTP page, i store the CFFTP connection name on
SESSION, so that i can re-use (Caching) the FTP connection. for example

 <cfftp port="21" connection="#SESSION.ConnectionName#" stoponerror="Yes"
passive="Yes" action="OPEN" username="Jeremy" password="test"

 After the connection i send a message back to user Browser about the FTP
conncetion is connected.
 If user select to browse a folder, then the browser will submit the request
through a form to server,then server will do this

 <cfftp failifexists="No" action="GetCurrentDir"
connection="="#SESSION.ConnectionName#" stoponerror="Yes">

 After this, the server throw me back this error

 "Error Occurred While Processing Request
 Error Diagnostic Information
 Unknown exception in CFFtp."

 Is this mean the doesn't keep the connection ? How do i solve this problem?


Unknown exception in CFFtp error

Post by mtcuerv » Wed, 28 Jul 2004 00:50:24

I am having the same problem. CF seems to preset the size for retrieving the
directory listing - more than 166 files and it barfs. There may be some setting
on the CF server that can be changed.


Unknown exception in CFFtp error

Post by mtcuerv » Wed, 28 Jul 2004 01:42:00


A workaround I tried that worked was to use cfdirectory to display contents and to use cfftp to upload, remove etc.


1. Unknown Exception in CFFTP

My understanding is that by specifying a connection name in an open tag i.e.


then that connection stays open and can be referred to as #Variable.FTPConnection# by other commands.  But if you just specify a tag as

<CFFTP action="existsFile"

then that will open and close the connection around the action.  However, if anyone knows better and that isn't the case then I'd be interested to know.  

On the original problem, I'm beginning to think that a contributing element might be the fact that I have include statements which reference different directories ( I have a 'generic code' area) and that somehow the cfapplication statement is clearing out the cached connection.  If I get some time I might create a little page in a new project which I can play with, but don't hold your breath on that!

Good Luck

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