Custom Upload Path / URL FCK Cftexarea

Custom Upload Path / URL FCK Cftexarea

Post by chazman11 » Sun, 04 May 2008 03:00:19

I love the new Update for CF8, I can get the image uploader to work with no
problem, but I have a special way it needs to happen. I would like the image
uploader to put it in an arbitrary place on my server for example


 and then have the FCK spit out code that will point the img src to

 which is an absolute URL and has nothing to do with the site the FCK happened
to be on
 Is this possible?


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Hi, all.  I'm trying to get a URL-formatted path from a file system path.  For
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function to do this and thought there would be something built-in.  I can do
search and replace, but that's a quickie workaround--I'd like to know if there
is already a function to do this.  If not, I'll write my own. Thanks

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