Windows NT Error Number 2 Occured

Windows NT Error Number 2 Occured

Post by Unamaile » Fri, 11 Mar 2005 00:04:43

Has anyone ever encountered the following message?  Error Occured While
Processing Request Error Diagnostic Information  An error occured while
attempting to establish a connection to the service.  The most likely cause of
this problem is that the service is not currently running.

1. Windows NT error number 1063 occured


I'm trying to install CF 5 on a laptop under Windows XP Pro.
The installation went fine, the HTTP server is working fine,
but if I try to run CFserver.exe, the CF server won't load.

A look at C:\Cfusion\log\server.log shows that any attempt generates two lines:
"Error attempting to initialize the service"
"Windows NT error number 1063 occured"

Any idea what might be the problem would be apreciated.

Claude Schnegans, CS. Interntique
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