Hard drive cannot validate, HELP

Hard drive cannot validate, HELP

Post by Brian Sulliv » Thu, 05 Jul 1990 08:25:00

  I currently cannot write to my hard drive.  The drive does not validate.
Apparently my Amiga 2000HD guru-ed while a disk I/O operation was only
partially complete.  When it rebooted the following sequence of messages

System A2000HD with stock Commodore A2090A autoboot SCSI card.
Drive SCSI Quantum 40 MB from Commodore.


    Startup-Sequence executing

    Hard Drive light on continuously  
         (Drive being vailidated)

    Hard Drive light goes off

    Requestor appears:

        "Volume Workbench"
        "has a read/write error"
        "[RETRY]   [CANCEL]"

    Selecting [RETRY] has no effect,
    Select [CANCEL]

    New Requestor appears:

        "Error validating disk"
        "Key 30936 bad header type"
        "[RETRY]   [CANCEL]"

    Selecting [RETRY] has no effect,
    Select [CANCEL]

    Same Requestor appears:

        "Error validating disk"
        "Key 30936 bad header type"
        "[RETRY]   [CANCEL]"

    Selecting [RETRY] has no effect,
    Select [CANCEL]

    System now operates correctly, but since the hard drive "Workbench:" is
    not validated, no writes are allowed to the hard drive.

  Can someone tell me how I can correct this without a complete reformat of
the hard drive.  I can accept the fact that one or two file contain corrupted
data and thus will be lost.  I don't understand why it is neccessary to
reformat the entire drive and restore it from floppies.  After all only two
blocks contain bad header information, the rest of the data on the disk is fine,
and all my applications run correctly.  I just want to patch the two bad headers.  
Is there a PD program that can do this safely and painlessly?

  Has this seemingly common problem happened to any one else out there in
Amiga hard drive land?  And how do you feel about reformating and hand-loading
40 to 50 floppies to correct this simple problem.  Surely Commodore can provide
a hard-drive utility like 'fsck' from UNIX-land.

        -- Brian --

        hm. (408)379-7260
        wk. (408)447-7352


1. Cannot write to hard drive. HELP

        Recently I seem to have lost the ability to write
to my hard drive. My setup is as follows.

GVP Impact Series 2 controller
Quantum 105 drive (about 4 years old)

The problem is as follows.
Reading from the hard drive is all right, as far as I can tell.
No data seems to be corrupted.
However whenever I try to write to the drive, the write does not
take place.
I can create a directory, warm reboot, and the directory is not there.
Similarly, when I do a recursive copy, the copy fails a few files into
the copy.

I have also started having erratic behaviour with both internal and
external floppies. Read write errors on previously good disks. Usually
on the same track (but I forget the track number)

These two problems occurred together, and quite suddenly.

The one amiga place I called suggestd the Quantum is the problem.
I'm not sure, since I have not had any read/write errors with it
at all, in fours years of operation.

Any help / advice would be greatly appreciated.  (Any chance the
CIA's are the problem ?)


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