Please help with Net Connection

Please help with Net Connection

Post by Bruce Kobr » Mon, 02 Oct 1995 04:00:00

Please accept my apologies if this is posted in the wrong usent group.
I'm desperate!

I have a friend that has the following system:

Amiga 3000, 6 megs Ram, OS WorkBench 2.1, has a 28.8 Cardnal modem.

He desperately is trying to get onto the Net via a local PPP

While I am pretty good with win95 etc, I know *nothing* whatsoever
about the Amiga and am at a total loss on what software to d/l for him
to get him going.

Could some kind soul please help with:

1) What TCP/IP software will function with his system (exact name of
the file)

2) What dialer he will need if the Amiga TCP/IP package doesn't dial
(exact name of the file)

3) An Amiga based Web browser that will function with the above
software (exact name of the file)

4) Would be nice if I could get an FTP package as well

5) A Web site (or FTP) address for the above

6) MOST important, the name of the DOC file for installing the TCP/IP.

As I stated, I know nothing about the amiga and w/o instructions my
attempts will continue to be a disaster.

Thank you VERY much for any help.


Bruce Kobrin

(PS:  e-mail would be best, or a Post with a CC directly to me.)


Bruce Kobrin


1. Help with Multisync monitor connection (please!!!)

My problem is this - I have a clone Multi-sync monitor for my PC,
it's an AOC CM326 , syncs te same range as a NEC looks very pretty in
VGA.  I want to connect my A1000 to it, since it's the only way I can
get colour out of it without buying a 1084 or equiv.

I have made up a cable and get the following results:

On booting the A1000 everything is fine - the 'insert kickstart' screen
is up, all synched great.  When I kickstart, I loose the display!

I would have put this down to sync incompatibility and left it at that,
but, here is the next episode.

A freind of mine has a 500, and wanted to try his luck with my cable/monitor
this time the A500 will not boot with the monitor connected (memory test
screen comes up OK, but after that nothing syncs, and the system is
flashing the power led).  However, if you disconnect the monitor during
boot, then reconnect it, you get a perfect picture and can continue
using the system.  

Is there something about Amiga video cables I should know?  Why is this

The cable just connects RGB to RGB analog inputs, passes across horizontal
and vertical synchs, and ground, nothing clever at all

Any replies/ideas greatly appreciated!

Thanks in advance

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