IVSs TrumpCard on a A4000

IVSs TrumpCard on a A4000

Post by Skyf » Sun, 13 Mar 1994 01:59:00

Hi there Trevor.

I`m using a Grandslam 2000 in my Amiga 2000HD, it is beefed up with a
VXL030 running at 32 Mhz with 2MB 60ns 32bit ram.  As far as I know the
Grandslam and Trumpcard Pro are the exact same cards except that the
Grandslam has the 8 simms slots for 1 meg simms on the controller
itself.  My Sysinfo reports two Grandslam memory banks and a Trumpcard
Pro controller.  I get 2MB/sec using Sysinfo with my Quantum LP240s in
transfers, got around 1.1-1.3 using Adspeed and close to that on a plain

                                                Hope it helps....

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1. IVSs TrumpCard on a A4000?

I was wondering if anyone with a TrumpCard Professional, running on an A4000,
could give me a comparison of it vs. the GrandSlam (Both by IVS).  I know
they are both SCSI/I 16bit cards (No DMA, yuck!)  But I've seen results
of the GrandSlam in an A4000 that was getting around 1.7MB/sec.  I want to
know how the TrumpCard Pro. compares to that speed.  Also, most critical, as I
do not want to reformat my large SCSI drives, does it support the Rigid
Boot Block structure well!?

Even without SCSI/II (I have no drives that are SCSI/II) and no DMA, if this
card can get ~1.5MB/sec it would be a very nice LOW END (~$100) SCSI
controller.  (not a bad option...)

PS> SysInfo speed results would be nice.  *smile*

Thank you,
  Trevor Andrews
  Imagine Software, Inc.

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