FS [UK] A1200, hardware and software

FS [UK] A1200, hardware and software

Post by Roy E Brow » Wed, 16 Feb 2000 04:00:00

For Sale (Updated 15 Feb 2000)

Prices do not include postage.

I am prepared to send all items overseas.  However, following several
enquiries about the A1200 from North America and Asia, I am advising the
group that shipping costs to these places is almost as much as I am asking
for the A1200.  Not surprisingly (but annoying), I fail to hear from some
people again once they discover the costs involved.

I am open to sensible offers.  If you have any questions, please email me
and I'll get back to you promptly.

Some items are awaiting payment, but will continue to be listed until the
transaction is complete.


Amiga A1200 68020
2mb Chip / 8 mb RAM
Battery back clock
3.5" HD - 60Mb (ish)
OS3.0, Dpaint IV, Oscar, Dennis

Rombo Vidi 12 Video Digitiser      20.00
External floppy drive (2 available - price each)     15.00

Alfa Data B/W Hand Scanner with Touch-Up & Merge-It      Offers
CBM 390682-01 23 pin to 15 pin video adaptor         Offers
Motorola MC68881RC16A  (16MHz 68881 FPU)     Offers
   (This has pins that project from the bottom of the silicon - is that

Commercial Software.
All commercial software is original with manuals where applicable.
Some items have the original box or packaging.

GPFax    10.00
MoneyMatters V3.05   5.00
ScanQuix V3.0 (includes Epson module)   15.00
STFAX Professional V3.0   12.00
SuperBase Personal V4   10.00
TurboPrint V5.0   15.00

Some really old commercial software - destined for the bin soon.
Offers invited.

TurboPrint V2.0
AMOS - The Creator (boxed)
HiSoft Power BASIC  (boxed as new)
HiSoft DevPac 1 (boxed as new)
The Publisher - DTP (not AGA)

Shareware CDs

Aminet CDs 3 - 5,  9 - 22, 24, 26 & 27    4.00 each or any 3 for 10
Amiga Format CDs 1 to 46    2.00 each or any 6 for 10
CU Amiga CDs 3, 5-27  (2 of #26)    2.00 each or any 6 for 10
Goldfish Vol 2    2.00
Amiga Shareware Vol 1     1.00
Phase 1 (Fonts, Clipart & images)     1.00
Phase 2 (Fonts, Clipart & images)     1.00
The AGA Experience Vol 1    1.00
Scene Storm     1.00
Weird Science Multimedia Toolkit    1.00
CD from Amiga User International (no.3)    1.00

Offers invited for these floppies

Final Copy II Sampler Disk
Final Writer Sampler Disk
Amiga Format Subscriber disks 93 - 127  (35 disks with newsletters)
Amiga PowerPacker
Star Printer Drivers for SJ-144, Star 24 Plus and Star 9 Plus
Microbotics Hard Drive Install Disk V1.1
F1GP-ED 3.11 Registered Disk
The WorkStation (disk/manual from Amiga Computing)
The Graphics Station (disk/manual from Amiga Computing)
63 floppy cover disks from various Amiga mags

Books & Magazines:

HTML for Dummies 2nd Edition (includes source disk)   Offers
Printed manual for GoldEd V3.0  (with disk)   Offers
CU Amiga cover book - "XCAD Design - The Complete Amiga Guide"   Offers
Amiga Format cover book - "Exploring REAL 3D Classic"   Offers

Amiga Format Jan 98 (issue #106)  to Dec 99 (issue #130)   Offers
CU Amiga Jan 98 to Oct 98 (the last ever issue)   Offers

Bits and Pieces

Air Link circuit board (no instructions or components)   Offers
Amiga to TV Scart lead   Offers
CBM 1084S Monitor lead   Offers
CBM 1084S Manual   Offers
A1200 keyboard key tops and springs   Offers
3 Naksha mouse holders   Offers
2 "Powered By Amiga" stickers   Offers


Feel free to make sensible offers. Most games are boxed with manuals.
Some boxes and manuals are "well used".

Arabian Nights
Batman (not AGA)
Cannon Fodder 2
Dalek Attack
F15 - Strike Eagle II
Grand Prix
Gunship 2000
Jungle Strike
Lotus III
Micro Machines
Mortal Kombat
Operation Stealth
Pinball Dreams/Fantasies
Premier Manager 3
Prime Mover
Sensible Soccer
The Settlers
The Simpsons (Bart vs Space Mutants)
UFO Enemy Unknown
Wing Commander
Zool 2

I think that is just about everything.  Please reply via email.

Thank you for watching...

Roy E Brown