War Wizard: my $.02

War Wizard: my $.02

Post by Paul Trau » Tue, 19 Oct 1993 10:29:03

I'll preface these comments by saying that i've played Ultimas I-V on my
old C64 and inevitably lost interest after a few weeks.

Nice graphics, yeah, wow (though it really should specifically ask for
Topaz 8 rather than assuming that it's the system font).
There's a couple things i quickly got annoyed at the interface for. First
off, when swapping things around between characters, it'd be real nice to
have some way to go directly from one character's inventory screen to
another's, instead of having to 'return' to the status screen, then RMB,
then choose a different character...
Similarly, in combat, there really needs to be a button to back out of the
'attack' dialog. For instance, if i keep on swapping back and forth between
a close-in weapon and a long-range weapon, i often forget to go to the
inventory screen and choose the proper one, and wind up wasting part of my
turn in attacking something across the screen with my hands.
Got to be a better way to choose your victim in the combat screens, too -
cycling through them one by one with the 'NeXT (ha ha)' button is annoying
and error-prone.

And i *know* it's traditional in these things to be really fascist about
save games, but is it really neccesary? What's so inherently wrong with
being able to save your game whenever and wherever it pleases you, and to
maintain multiple save positions easily?

Audio, is of course, conspicuously lacking. On the other hand, i can put on
a good cd of music i feel appropriate and know i'm not missing out on

Small point: I'd like to know the sex of characters i pick up *before* i
name them. It's sort of disturbing to, say, pick up a fighter, name it "Bob
the Smiter", and then discover that Bob is a woman. (Speaking of picking up
characters, a good way to get armor/weapons for yourself: pick up a party
after getting drunk in the inn at Caer Tiran, then leave the castle, grab
all of one character's stuff, and camp and abandon 'em. Bingo, free stuff.
Now go and get a replacement character.)

A game design comment: Y'know, i really wish the healer in Caer Tiran
wasn't so low-level. After all, he's going to be used as a frequent
pit-stop while building up initial levels. I laughed when i was attacked by
Madonna, but started grumbling when she poisoned my WarWizard, and muttered
even more when i discovered - after the game was saved for me by entering
the castle - that the healer couldn't do anything for me.

Cool graphics though.

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War Wizard: my $.02

Post by joseph rums » Tue, 19 Oct 1993 19:43:34

my biggest problem is that you HAVE to use the mouse for everything...
sure, it's not a bad interface, but some simple shortcuts like l for look,
m for magic, etc. would help a lot.  I have 2 hands, let me use them!


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