FS: A4000

FS: A4000

Post by itpt » Mon, 15 Mar 1999 04:00:00

For sale A4000/40 :
540 HD
monitor, keyboard, mouse
For $800.00

1. FS: A4000 Service Manual and A4000 Schematics...

-->> Commodore A4000 Service Manual and Schematics for Sale:

I have the Commodore A4000 Service Manual (Photocopied major portions) and
full sized 11"x17" A4000 schematics for sale.  Excellent resource for the
Amiga developer/hacker.

Asking Price:  $35 or best offer.

Contact: Scott Hood via my main internet email account at

assume that the buyer will pay shipping via COD using  money order, cash
or certified check.  Other arrangements are possible, just ask...

Scott Hood
Ex-Commodore Hardware design engr, Ex-GVP Hardware design engr.

     "I lived the dream..."

2. Windows Explorer Folder List

3. FS: A4000 + A4000 Motherboard

4. Editing Banks in Vienna...

5. FS: A4000 w/Toaster & A4000 w/non-linear editor

6. UCX printing to Printservers

7. FS: A4000 w/Toaster 3.5 & A4000 w/non-linear editor

8. FS: A4000 040 w/Toaster 3.5 & A4000 040 w/non-linear editor

9. FS: A4000 w/Toaster & A4000 w/non-linear editor

10. FS: A4000 040 w/Toaster 3.5 & video editor also A4000 040 w/non-linear editor

11. ### FS: A4000 powered ###

12. FS : A4000 Belgium