Wanted: A3000 system

Wanted: A3000 system

Post by x90urba.. » Thu, 24 Feb 1994 20:27:04


A3000   25/68882
6 megs ram (2chip, 4 fast)
100 mg HD

Or similar system.
Please let me know.  Thanks.


1. Wanted: A3000 System or A1200 System

Wanted for $500-$1000  an A3000 system or an A1200 system, price depends on
what you have.  I need memory (5+megs), and a good size hard drive
(100+meg). Phone me anytime at 1(808)889-0828 Bob,

 e-mail my friend Richard (see below to e-mail Richard) about details and please leave your Voice phone number in addition to e-mail.



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