Post by bsan.. » Mon, 09 Jan 1995 06:20:12

Hi, I've downloaded the shareware games * WARS and GLADIATOR.  I've
installed them on floppies and can't get either of them to run.  When I try
to load * WARS, the program loads for a while, the disk drive spins, my
memory goes down about 150K and then the disk drive stops and nothing ever
happens.  WorkBench is not frozen, but nothing ever gets loaded.

With GLADIATOR it begins to load fine, then just as that window opens that
says 'Gladiator' at the top, I get a GURU error.  What is going on?

I don't mind any of this, if I could at least find out WHY these things are
occurring, but no error message explaining the problem appears.

Is there any way to find out just why these programs aren't loading?

Perhaps it's my hardware, it's very basic.  I'm running a KS 1.2 A500 with
AmigaDOS 1.3. 1 MEG ram and 2 floppy drives.  Has anyone been able to get
either one of these programs running with this configuration?
(Yes, I know I'm living in the computer stone age.)

I'm no Amiga programming expert, could anyone help me?