PCs are shit but Marc Barrett is total shit

PCs are shit but Marc Barrett is total shit

Post by John Anders » Mon, 06 Jul 1992 22:16:29

>>>What are you suggesting? That I give up my                              
>>>Amiga because it is old?                                                

>>   I am not suggesting anything.  I am simply stating a fact: the Amiga is
>>I leave it totally up to you as to what you do with that information.    



Ha Ha! The understatement of the year.                                      

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1. Shit for shit, PC's and Marc Barrett go hand in hand


  And Marc's constant whining and complaining that Commodore is going down    
the tubes, Commodore's R&D funding is too low, Commodore never introduces    
any new technology, Commodore's OS 2.0 has blatant bugs, Commodore this,      
Commodore that.... never achieve anything either. I think you've hit it      
right on the head, Colin. Marc's whining is not going to change these things.
So just like those that tell Marc to quit posting the same thing over and    
over and over again, are annoying and aren't going to get Marc to change,    
Marc should stop with his over-and-over-again-postings also, because they are
also annoying and aren't going to get Commodore etc R&D funding etc, to      
change. You've definately hit the nail on the head, Colin. Does this sound    

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