Trade AmigaTech 060/50+128MB+SCSI3 Accel for A3000 Accel

Trade AmigaTech 060/50+128MB+SCSI3 Accel for A3000 Accel

Post by John Q Publi » Sat, 04 Nov 2000 08:59:47

As subject says...I have an AmigaTech 060/50mHz Processor Board
with 128MB RAM, has SCSI3. 68pin and 50pin connectors included.
Have "manual" (Stapled pages!!) and original disks.

Looking for A SpeedDemon for my A3000. I'd like to put the above in,
but I'd have to hacksaw the floppy/power supply tray, and I'd rather
not do that. Preferrably an Accel with RAM. If it's slower/cheaper,
we'll work something out, like your accel+cash, or other hardware in place
of cash.



1. WTB: 060/50 Accel. for 1200

I would like to get my hands on an 68060/50Mhz(or better) accelerator
for the A1200.  I prefer it to be a Blizzard.  I'll buy for a reasonable
amount or trade my current system if you pay the shipping:

Amiga 3000:
25Mhz 68030 and 68882 FPU
2Mb Chip RAM
16Mb 32bit Fast RAM
50Mb Harddrive
2 Floppies
Kickstart/Workbench 2.1 and 1.3

If you have something you think may interest me, then let me know!

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