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I just bought an old A2000 that came with a GVP 030/SCSI card. I need to
add an extra HD to it but have only have an older version 1.98m install
disk. IF someone has the latest copy could you PLEASE uuencode it and

[you can just dms it and then uuencode, or just lharc the contents and
then uuencode it]

thank you!


1. Sas C, Installation, and a Bad Disk.

        I bought another amiga system.  The system itself was for my
father, but I paid him for the compiler --- SAS/C that came with the
system.  The compiler origional disks are 6.1.  There was an upgrade
disk for 6.2.  However...

        I found that the install program that commodore uses has a few
flaws --- I think.  If you move a disk from one floppy to another
(because you're using another floppy drive for something else), the
install program seems to have hard coded where it saw the disk last.
This can be quite annoying.  However, I got 6.0 installed.

        Now, the problem.  Although 6.0 installed fine (all 7 disks), by
the time I did the upgrade, disk 6 (of the origional dist) seems to be
trashed.  Bad media?  I don't know.  However, I have a few questions
for netland, and possibly SAS people as well.

- All copies have been transferred (I got the computer as well ;).  I
have just (today) sent in the registration.  I don't know if it was
registered with it's previous owner --- he possibly registerred under
a different version.  What is Sas's policy here?  The person I bought
it from was getting out of the Amiga, so I got everything.  There was
no indication that a previous version existed.

- What hoops do I have to jump through to get another copy of disk 6?
Will it cost me?

        I am very impressed with what I've seen of the compiler.  I have
high hopes that it will integrate well with emacs (my favorite
editor).  Any experiences?

|David Gilbert, University Of Guelph, Ontario | Two things can only be     |


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