Jet Set Willy

Jet Set Willy

Post by APATH » Thu, 13 Feb 1992 18:48:31

Oh lord someone help me!!!
I am getting really irrate with this game.
Does anyone have a major cheat for this please?

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Jet Set Willy

Post by Richard O Lav » Thu, 13 Feb 1992 20:32:10

Does anyone know if Jet Set Willy is available for the Amiga ?
Thanks for your help


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Jet Set Willy

Post by APATH » Fri, 14 Feb 1992 19:57:19

Yep, jet set willy is most definately available for the amiga.
Better graphics than the original but still the same game.
It is annoying me to hell at the minute.
Please will someone give me a major cheat or help of some sort.


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