DATAFLYER 4000SX-25 <> Bernoulli

DATAFLYER 4000SX-25 <> Bernoulli

Post by Enrique Gam » Sat, 02 Jul 1994 05:27:27

Yup, I was just told by Expansion System's tech support that they have a
problem with the DATAFLYER 4000SX-25 when it comes to communicating with a
Bernoulli Transportable 150.  It doesn't work yet.

Anybody recommend an alternate SCSI controller?  Pls. email...


1. DataFlyer 4000SX-25 for the A4000 for $100 *BRAND NEW*

The DataFlyer 4000SX is a SCSI controller expansion card that allows
the user to attach Syquest drives, CD-ROM's, Flopticals, and Tape
Backup units in addition to standard SCSI drives.  The DataFlyer
4000SX also includes DataFlyer Autoinstall, the easiest to use
installation software in the business.  This all new installation
program features a choice of Automatic or Custom installation and over
30 online HELP windows.  The manual is actually a part of the program.
Select the HELP button and then click any option available.  A window
will appear that provides specific information about the function
chosen including the recommended and optional settings available.  The
DataFlyer also supports RigidDiskBlocks and SCSI direct.

The DataFlyer 4000SX comes with an extra long ribbon cable to reach
the drive bays and can be used with the existing IDE drive.  The
DataFlyer 4000SX-25 also provides an additional DB25 cable, connector
and rear mounting bracket used to attach external devices.

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