3D Digitizer for Lightwave

3D Digitizer for Lightwave

Post by Jack Lee Campbe » Tue, 20 Sep 1994 08:01:51

Make your own objects the easy way by scanning themin with the
Digitizer probe. Just trace over a model and the 3D data is entered
into Modeller. Uses Modellers interface and all of its tools to make
real nice objects easy now with the Medaform tool its even easier.
The digitizer can input certain points and let medaflow do the rest.
You can also make motion paths just by moving your hand in 3D space and
have the data input into modeller direct.
Digitizer and software cost $5000 will sell for $3000 have 2 probes
and foot switch also for it. Have all of the shipping boxes for it.
Professional stuff here.

1. 3D Digitizer for Lightwave

Comes with VertiSketch software the new version just out. Input
3D data straight into modeler from your object you are Digitizing.
Its just that easy and also make motion paths with the unit
just by moving your hand in 3D space.

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