GVPSCSIctrl switches

GVPSCSIctrl switches

Post by Mark Dav » Wed, 18 Mar 1992 03:04:28

I am having a problem installing a tape drive into an A2000 with a GVP
HC8/II SCSI host adapter.  I am hoping that the utility GVPSCSIctrl
will allow me to send a reset to specific devices on the SCSI bus but
have been unable to cipher the switches.  Does anyone have a listing or
docs on using this utility?



1. GVPSCSIctrl switches

  The trouble that not bothering to include docs with this utility has

   of course running GVPSCSICtrl ? shows this:
   Usage: gvpscsictrl [ -m | -r | -s | <unit> <ctrl> ]

   all that I know is that -r is useful for getting the Controller
   to reset ( reselect ? ) devices such as tapes on the bus.

   Ctrl is a string ie "dcoff" that controls reselection on some
   poorly behaved devices.  Something to do with disc change off???
*  Graham Parkinson - Frontier GeoSciences, Vancouver BC CANADA  *


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