FA: Amiga 4000 w/ XSurf Ethernet, 3d, CD, 18 megs and 2.0gig HD

1. Amiga 4000/040/25 18/850/CD - DPS Par card w/540 Conner

Amiga 4000/040/25  18meg ram   850 western digital hd
A2091 SCSI with toshiba 2x CD-Rom drive
DPS PAR card with 540meg Conner (15minutes of 24bit 736x480res

DCTV, CA-880 external drive, Supra 14.4k faxmodem

Lightwave 4.0 CD, Sparks for Lightwave, Dir Opus 4.11, AdPro 2.5
DPaintIV, Batch Factory, ATalkIII, GPFax, DCTV Paint, Baud Bandit,
Disney Animation Studio, PC Task, etc.. etc.. all set up for internet
with Amitcp/ppp etc..

tons of games;
Ishar2, Pinball Fantasies, Pinball Dreams, Pinball Illusions, Oscar,
Shadow of the Beast 1&2, Geeez I can't list them all!! about 30 others..

FIRST $3000 TAKES IT!!!!  New England area, Providence/Boston

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13. FORSALE: Complete Amiga 4000/040/420/18 system