Couple of SCSI hardware questions...

Couple of SCSI hardware questions...

Post by Adep » Thu, 23 Jul 1992 23:57:44

I have a Quantum Q280 and an Archive 5495 Tape Backup system that I am
having major problems getting to work with my A3000.  Any help on the
following questions would be greatly appreciated. :)

        Both of these units were removed from a Counterpoint Unix box.
When the Q280 is hooked to the bus on powerup, the machine hangs with
the HD light on when the drive is queried.  By pushing on the power
cable, the drive looses power for a moment and the system will boot.
Once booted, HDToolbox will do the same thing when it queries the drive.
The drive seems to low level format OK after this and will verify about
69000 blocks before it locks up.  In any case it is never recognized on
bootup and always locks up the system when any partitioning or complex
information is saved to the drive.  The drive worked in the Counterpoint,
so I assume the drive is ok.  If anyone has a Q280 hooked up to their Ami,
I would be interested in the how's and why's and jumper connections. :)

        The Archive has an Emulex board hooked to it.  The SCSI connects
into the Emulex and the Emulex to the Archive.  When on the bus, the
machine will not boot at all.  Any hints or help again is appreciated.

                Thanks all.  Please use Email to respond as I do not
                read that much news. :)

                        Dan Stephans II


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Hello all,

        I was just wondering a couple of hardware-oriented things.
1.)-Is there a card out there for my Amiga 2000 that lets me use 256k simms?

2.)-There is an old Howtek, flatbed scanner here that is really big.
Originally meant to hook up to Macs/PCs, I have the software, but no
cables/boards...  Is there anywhere I can perhaps put together my own card/but
a card/ to use this old obscure piece of technology (The scanner is about as
huge as a small desk top...  And about as heavy as my entire computer system
(including monitor)

        Thanx, as they say, in advance

Disclaimer:  If anybody else has my opinions,                   Alexandria, IN
then I have been cloned while sleeping!                            46001

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