A2000 HD controllers

A2000 HD controllers

Post by Jim Pritche » Tue, 23 Oct 1990 10:27:57

[ Backing up 120 Megs to floppies is a PAIN!!!]

I am trying to decide how to add a SCSI tape drive to my A2000 / A2090
system.  It appears that the only way to do this without using beta
software kludges (no offense intended to those doing this already) is
to get a new controller.  So, what is the best A2000 DMA Hard Disk
Controller available.  It must fully support SCSI Direct and have solid
drivers available for SCSI tape drives.  Of course, speed would be nice
also.  :^)  Reliability is very important.

[ Am I wrong about the A2090?  Is there a reliable SCSI tape driver
available for it? ]

Any advice out there from people currently using SCSI tape systems on
their A2000's?  Please report both good and bad experiences with these



                                                Jim Pritchett

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