New DataFlyer 'box' for 1200's??

New DataFlyer 'box' for 1200's??

Post by Jeff - Griff » Mon, 14 Mar 1994 12:37:03

Rumor has it that DayaFlyer is coming out with a new add-on box that
allegedly will run SCSI *with* the internal IDE in place. This would be
a boon to all of us 1200 owners in the IDE 'limitations' vs SCSI's
multiple expansion capabilities.

Can anyone confirm this?


1. Why the 'New Amiga' will not be the 'Revolution'

The way I see it....The New Amiga is in no means going to be a
Revolution. I just don't see it being able to gain enough ground.
(Anyone know current user estimates) I am also sure that it will be a
better seller in Europe then in the US. Our European Brothers have it
better there then we do here in the states. IMHO. I think that the only
way for it to gain the support is through the Partnerships with
prominent company's. IE AMD, Intel, Micron. Also HP and Mitsubishi. If
they could somehow become a part of this. They would have there
prominence and be able to propell the Amiga into a larger sector. Also I
think if Advertising against Apple and IBM-Esque machines then people
feed up with those machines would be more inclined to purchase.


"The only way to really appreciate the world is to see it blown sky
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