wow, fleecy's words are soooooo important...

wow, fleecy's words are soooooo important...

Post by Chris Piers » Sun, 31 Dec 1899 09:00:00

>and he said something about bill writing the script that got Collas a
>standing ovation, only the audience didn't know it was a make believe act.

>Actually fleecy said it was bills idea about the AAC....

>Hmmm now what did I say about the AAC.... Something about doing again what
>others have done again and again and again.....repeating for reason of
>interest reduction.

I thought "repeating for reason of interest reduction" was _your_
strategy, Tim. Do you expect to be paid for that, too?

Quote:>Bill and fleecy are putting on an act, make believe and garys a current
>puppet of the script writers.

>And there is a fuller cast for the play.

>Be sure to buy you sideline ticket, for it's as close as you'll get to
>real. Believe what you hear from them if you want to feel closer to a
>front row seat.

Meanwhile, Tim will continue to rant from _his_ seat, located about three
zip codes away from any kind of reality whatsoever.
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