Flow! Outliner/Idea Processor

Flow! Outliner/Idea Processor

Post by Martin Skowronsk » Thu, 18 Dec 1997 04:00:00

For Sale: Flow!  Latest version with original
disk and docs. Create outlines for books, articles
and special projects. Use as an idea processor
for brain storming and concept development.
$22 plus $3 shipping.  COD is extra. E-mail if
your interested.


1. Ideas flowing at CBM

  Dave Haynie always has much to contribute by way of informative discussion
centering on the facts as they stand. However, how much attention do CBM
in the US pay to Dave's ideas? Sure, one person is not an entire economist
and administrative planner, but Dave (and Andy Finkel and Peter Kittel in
Deutschland) is in * touch * with the demanding user : "ourselves" on the
net, and I'm interested in just how much punch he packs at C= HQ.


                        Chemical Engineering 1991

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