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Subject: Amiga 2000 for sale or trade for 486
Distribution: world
Organization: University of California; Santa Cruz

I have an Amiga 2000 for sale.  The machine is equipped as follows:

        5 MB RAM
        2 floppy drives
        65 MB HD installed
        45 MB HD separate (installation is about $30)
        *LOTS* of software, games and applications

The asking price is $700 p/p in the US.  If you live outside of the
US, I'll pay the standard US mail price, and you can pick up the
difference.  I'll also entertain any reasonable offers, including a
trade and cash for a 486 system.

This is a fine machine, but unfortunately necessity is forcing me
to get rid of it and buy a 486 (I know, I know, but I work for
Borland!  I can't afford a new machine unless I do this :^( ).

Anyway, if there are any details you'd like to know about this
machine, please write and ask.


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1. IMPORTANT INFO: Fraud- WTS Electronics Ltd / Total Computer Supplies / Computer Mall / Computer Express

UK oriented post...  please pass the information on to *ANYONE* who
you think might have had misdealings with these companies
approximately 3 years ago.  

Bedfordshire Police Fraud Sqaud have finished their investigations
into the following companies, and I believe they are going to take
the matter to court soon.

WTS Electronics Ltd
Total Computer Supplies Ltd
Computer Mall Ltd
Computer Express

(Computer & Computer Accessories Suppliers in the UK).

These companies I believe conned a lot of people out of a lot of
money.  I was lucky, I only lost 19UKP for a Kickstart ROM (about
US$35) -- but many people lost the cash for a whole computer etc.
(Amiga 1200 etc.) The matter was reported at the time in various
computer magazines.

Now!  Bedfordshire Fraud Squad in the UK is now collecting witness
statements from folk for the prosecution, with an eye if the
prosecution is successful to get folks money back.

The trouble is, this was 3 years ago -- many people have moved and
the letters sent by the police might not have reached them (I was
very lucky -- my letter went through at least 2 redirections).  Some
people might never have contacted the Fraud Squad in question anyway.

So, if you lost money, or if you know someone who did... you might
possibly want the following contact details... (I wasn't asked to
distribute these details, but seeing it was pretty much by luck that
*I* got them, a lot of others might have missed out as well).

C. Ranson (Detective Constable 678)
Fraud Squad
Bedfordshire Police
Ampthill Police Station
Woburn Street
MK45 2HX

Tel: Direct (01234) 842660
Fax: (01234) 842640

You *must* have your witnessed statement submitted by the 1st May
1998 for it to be processed (i.e. only 3 or 4 weeks left!!!!!)

Hope this helps!?!?!?!?!

Take care.


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