Amiga users and vanity.

Amiga users and vanity.

Post by Terry Palfr » Sun, 31 Dec 1899 09:00:00

> Posted: Wed, 08 Oct 1997 03:49:36 GMT

> >articulated this in comp.sys.amiga.advocacy:

> >>>>You're an ignoramus, what can I say.  Do you have the slightest
> >>>>clue what "runs at 100% cpu" and "Preemptive multitasking" mean?
> >>>>Every single Amiga Image processor runs at 100% cpu, and uses as
> >>>>much ram as is needed to perform it's level of functionality,
> >>>>which is often more than what people have, and they get an
> >>>>out-of-memory message.  At least on most PC OSes, if you have
> >>>>HD space, you can keep on going.

> >>>Bernd are you reading this?Are you reading the above insults and
> >>>rude post?

> >>Yes. He is right. Do you want to argue that?

> >Ummm... ever heard of ImageFX, Bernd? It uses this funny thing called
> >virtual memory. John is flat-out wrong, and here you are defending his
> >asinine posts,
> >once again!

> Just what, pray tell, in _your_ post negated what John said in _his_
> post?

> God, Terry... if anyone could find a relationship between fish and
> bicycles, you would.

Since I am the only "Terry" usually present in this newsgroup perhaps
you could somehow show me where exactly it is that I enter this
particular discussion.

Uh, fish are peddled in the market and bicycles fishtail in the rain?



1. Amiga users and vanity.

And I suppose you'd rather have ever programmer write their own, specialized
database routines, spending long hours and driving the price of the released
product up by several dollars and the release date back several weeks, just
so that you can save two dollars worth of memory and 10 cents worth of

Why do you think that ratio has any relevance? The only ratio that really
has relevance is that between features and the cost associated with an app.
For a given feature set, you try to minimize the cost associated with the
app --- but that cost, strangely enough, includes not only the price of
the memory (which is shared between all apps that are not run concurrently)
and hd space, but _also_ the cost of programming and debugging it (distri-
buted over all copies sold) as well as supporting it (a per-copy cost).
Using standard components may use more resources, but it certainly reduces
the second cost tremendously.

In your friend's example, he included an interface to TWAIN drivers. That
means that now his app can talk to just about any scanner anyone can attach
to their PC. Sure, he might not actually need all the support for 24 or 30
bit scans that TWAIN might offer, it's possible all he needs is 1bpp scans
at 300dpi. But does that mean he should shun the standard, well supported
software components in favour of proprietary, unsupported and potentially
buggy code he writes?


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