FORSALE: Amiga Hardware & Software

FORSALE: Amiga Hardware & Software

Post by Phil Kerni » Mon, 08 Jan 1996 04:00:00

I have the following Amiga hardware and software forsale.  The prices are in
Australian Dollars and do not include postage and COD charges, which will be
paid by the purchaser.

If you think that they are too high, feel free to make me a sensible offer.

I might also be interested in swapping some of the following stuff for
something on the following list: Amiga A2000 accelerator (030 or better),
Amiga video card, external SCSI CDROM (double speed or better), CD32 FMV
cartridge.  I am also interested in Amiga, CD32 or GameGear games.

Here's the list...


1.  Amiga 2000

    1M RAM
    2x 40M HDD (total 80M internal)
    1x 880k FDD
    Mouse + Keyboard
    Golden Hawk Midi board
    Kickstart 1.3
    40M of assorted software on the harddrives

    There's nothing wrong with this system, and I'm only selling it because
    I bought an A2500.  It's perfect for a music system, as DeluxeMusic and
    Sonix are installed for use with the midi card.


2.  Amiga 1000 Phoenix

    10M RAM (2M CHIP + 8M FAST)
    1x 100M HDD (internal)
    1x 880k FDD
    Mouse + Keyboard
    A2000 video slot
    Zorro II slot
    A2000 keyboard adaptor
    A2000 parallel port adaptor
    Kickstart 1.3 & 2.04 switchable
    Kickstart 3.1 softkicked
    Lots of assorted software

    The Phoenix motherboard is a complete replacement for the original A1000
    motherboard.  That is what gives it all the extra features.  Everything
    is still installed in the pizza box case, so if you lust after a
    slim-line Amiga, this will be perfect.  It is still packed in its
    original packing.  The processor accelerator is a fully loaded Blizzard
    Board, which I may consider selling separately.


3.  Amiga A1081 Monitor

    Still packed in its original box.  I have had no problems with this
    monitor, and it will also make an excellent monitor to attach to a VCR.
    I am selling it as I bought a VGA monitor and a deinterlacer.  I would be
    interested in selling this in combination with one of the systems above.



1.  Civilisation

    The Sid Meyer game of world development.
    Complete package with manuals in original box.


2.  Arthur

    Infocom adventure game.
    Complete package with manuals in original box.


3.  Ferrari Formula One

    Driving game.
    Complete package with manuals in original box.


4.  Thunder Blade

    Helecopter shoot-em-up.
    Complete package with manuals in original box.


5.  ProWrite v3.2

    Word processor.
    Complete package with manuals in original box.


6.  A-Max II v2.56

    Macintosh emulator.
    Runs on any Amiga.
    Complete package with manuals in original box.
    Includes A-Max cartridge with ROMs and Mac external floppy drive.


7.  Textcraft Plus

    The original Amiga word processor!
    Complete package with manuals in original box.

    Free with any purchase of anything else.



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