FS - UK Only A4000 desktop in Power Tower

FS - UK Only A4000 desktop in Power Tower

Post by Jason Watso » Mon, 11 Feb 2002 17:39:00

OK I have finally decided to move on.

I will consider all serious offers in the UK only in UK Pounds only.

One owner. (ME)

Amiga A4000 desktop (Originally 93 C= EC030 version)
Rebuilt in Phase5 "Power Tower" using ISA/Zorro3 busboard.
Workbench 3.9 Kickstart 3.1 roms, Buster rev 11.
New NiMH battery surface mounted on main board.
(Changed as prevenatative maint.)
2Mb Chipram (As a simm)
64MB Fastram (On accelerator)
Phase5 PPC accelerator 60Mhz 68060, 200Mhz 604e
8GB SCSI hard drive (On accelerator)
Power Flyer Zorro3 IDE controller with:-
ATAPI 40x CDRom (Replaced CDRW)
Phase 5 *vision 64/3D and optional scandoubler.
Amiga High density Floppy drive,
Amiga A4000 keyboard.
PS2 MS Wheelmouse connected to mouse port via adapter.
All relevant manuals.
Software includes licenced MakedCD DAE, Workbench 3.5/3.9,
*Gfx 4, Netconnect 1,2,3., Wordworth7, PFS2 and 3,
Quake, Napalm, Foundation, PC-Task, Oxyron Patcher.

No monitor.  Will not break up.  System is in working order.

Im looking around 500.