FS: Amiga games & books

FS: Amiga games & books

Post by Matt K » Sat, 15 Feb 1997 04:00:00

I have the following Amiga items for sale:

GAMES:  (all boxed and complete, also including blank/save game/data
        disks=>EoB's include clue books!  All in great condition, except
        EoB's a bit worn from use, but no torn/crushed boxes or docs.)

        TITLE                           COMPANY

        Populous                        EOA
        The Kristal                     Cinemaware
        It Came from
         the Desert                     Cinemaware
        HardBall II                     Accolade
        Gunship                         MicroProse
        Eye of the
         Beholder I                     SSI
        Eye of the
         Beholder II                    SSI


TITLE                                           PUBLISHER--# OF PAGES

Amiga Enhancer Software(v 1.3)                  Commodore--146
Amiga Buyers Guide to
Software & Accessories (vol. 4)                     Commodore--118
Amiga Basic (Revision-C)                        Commodore--312
The Amiga Companion (2d Rev. Ed.) (v 1.3)       IDGC/Peterborough--297
Amiga for Beginners (4th Printing)              Abacus--184
Amiga Desktop Video Guide (1st Printing)        Abacus--262

Also have two small, but thick books by Commodore with the title PC, one
is GW-BASIC:English 288 pp, the other MS-DOS:English 400 pp.

Would like to sell all for $100 (approx. $10/game + $20 for all books) +
shipping, but I really have NO idea what this stuff is worth.
Therefore, I will entertain ANY REASONABLE OFFERS (via e-mail please).

Thanks for reading!

Matthew Kozak
Rutgers University-Camden

 "They that can give up essential liberty to obtain a little temporary
        safety deserve neither liberty nor safety."  -Ben Franklin