Amiga 2000 + Misc Software ForSale

Amiga 2000 + Misc Software ForSale

Post by Robert Lunes » Sat, 04 Jan 1992 18:30:14

The wife says the mess has to go! So, I need to part with the following
Amiga hardware and software, all have original boxes and documentation:

 Amiga 2000 1 meg Chip 1 floppy          $800
 Amiga 8 meg memory card w/ 2meg         $125
 Amiga SCSI HD Controller                $ 75
 Seagate ST157N-1 50 Meg SCSI drive      $150
I'll sell the whole thing for $1000 if purchased together.

Miscellaneous hardware items for sale:

 Another ST157N-1 50 Meg SCSI drive    $150
 Practical Periphials Cordless Mouse    $50

 monitor MUCH better color than Commodore Monitor on Amiga)

I also have a whole bunch of Software I don't use any more.  All are original
boxes, manuals, and disks:


 SAS C 5.10B                                    $100
 Amiga Mail Technical Notes Entire Collection:  $100
 TexED Plus                                      $30
 Programmers Guide to Amiga - Rob Peck           $15
 Amiga Disk Drives Inside and Out                $15


 SuperBase Personal II                           $50
 QuarterBack Tools                               $40
 Phasar 4.0                                      $35
 Express Copy - HD Backup                        $20
 CrossDOS                                        $10
 Raw Copy                                        $10


 Deluxe Paint III                                $50
 FLO (Floor Plan Consruction Kit)                $15


 Sesame Street Crayons - Letters                 $10
 Designasaurus                                   $10
 Dinosaur Discovery Kit                          $10


 Wayne Gretsky Hockey & Hockey League Simulator  $35 for both
 Lemmings                                        $20
 Jack Nicklaus Ultimate Golf & Course Design     $20
 Warlords - from SSG Great!                      $20
 Hardball II                                     $20
 Sim City                                        $20
 Pro Tennis Tour                                 $10
 TV Sports Football                              $10
 Cribbage-Gin King                               $10
 Kampfgruppe                                     $10
 Gettysburg                                      $10
 Clue-Master Detective                           $10
 Stock Market                                    $ 5

All items are priced well below fair market value and as such all prices are
firm. Terms: UPS COD cash or prepaid Money Order. Purchaser pays
shipping charges.  First full price offer receives the item.  I can be
contacted at:

 Genie:   B.LUNESKI1

 Phone:   (503) 620-4919

Happy New Year!