Megafortress works with SAGE and DMI Resolver.

Megafortress works with SAGE and DMI Resolver.

Post by Steve Paul Tibbe » Mon, 10 Aug 1992 03:15:43

I just realized that the only place this is mentioned is in the
Startup-Sequence on the game disk, and that anybody who is
likely to have a SAGE-compatible video card is also likely
to have a hard disk.

Megafortress uses a SAGE-compatible video card if you have
one installed.  The only card I had to test this with is the
DMI Resolver, but it works fine on that.  The support is
limited - only the Pilot screen and External Camera screen
are shown on the resolver, but it does look nice in 800x600
or 1024x768.  

If you have Mega and have a Resolver, then read the LastMinute.Txt
file on disk 1 for info on how to get into it.



1. Info re:DMI, PP&S, SAGE...

        I'm looking for information (performance, opinions,  ANYTHING!)
regarding both the Rambrandt and the Vivid 24 graphics processors for the
Amiga.  I'm also interested in any information anyone may have regarding
the status of the companies that produced these boards.  They are
Progressive Peripherals and Software and Digital Micronics,
respectively.  I'd like to know whether or not they're still active or
have possibly changed names.  Both of these boards made use of the Texas
Instruments TMS34020 graphics processor.  Are there any other graphics
boards for the Amiga (3000, preferably) that use this processor?

        Also, does anyone have any info regarding or have any experience
programming w/ the SAGE (Standard Amiga Graphics Extension, developed by
C=, PP&S, and DMI) graphics libraries?  Any comments or opinions?  Are
there many companies that currently support this standard?  There was a
developers kit available, but since it would seem that all three
companies responsible for developing SAGE have gone belly-up, I doubt
it's still available.  (Anyone have it?)

        I am primarily interested in learning more about Amiga graphics
hardware that significantly enhances overall graphics performance
(rendering, image processing, display, etc), as opposed to the current
selection of video/display cards that generally seem to provide an
enhanced display only.

        I would greatly appreciate ANY information you think may be
relevant!  Thanks in advance...

Ken McGowan

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