Tape-Backup Device and Software...

Tape-Backup Device and Software...

Post by Drummer B » Wed, 04 Oct 1995 04:00:00

Hey everyone!  I have a friend who works at a local university and
managed to get ahold of a demo drive of the Jazz drive.  He told me that
they're planning to sell for around $549 with $90 for additional discs.  
Nice!  But I just may give in to the Zip drive and swap my discs.....



1. Tape-Backup Device and Software?

What kind of Tape-Backup devices are available and "still" supported?  I was
checking out the new Iomega Ditto and other such devices for the PC...  Do any
of them work with the Amiga's SCSI or Parallel ports?  Also, what is considered
the better software for backing up to tape?  Thanks
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